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Healing after injectables?


Dr. Dean Kane Q & A

Q. What can I do to speed up healing and reduce swelling after surgery or injectables?   A.  We are very pro-active when it comes to nutritional suggestions to help our patients have minimal bruising, inflammation and swelling from both non-surgical rejuvenation procedures using Botox/Dysport, Sculptra, and fillers like Restylane and Juvederm as well as all our face and body cosmetic procedures. We also feel strongly that without a good diet high in protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, the recovery periods will be prolonged and healing delayed. From a homeopathic approach we highly recommend that our patients eat fresh pineapple several days before their procedures, the day of and following. The Bromelain in fresh pineapple has been shown to have great anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce the bruising of the face and body. In addition we recommend arnica montana in pill form and gel form the day of the procedure and following. Again this homeopathic products have tremendous anti-inflammatory effects on the body. On a daily nutritional basis, I recommend to our patients what I do for myself and my wife, Lauri. We are a believer in the low carb diet with moderate to large amounts of protein 3 times a day along with a strong anti-oxidant diet of fresh vegetables. For breakfast we try to not only get our protein, but our anti-oxidants by having a green protein shake. Lauri mixes up a cup of fresh spinach, half a carrot, a small tomato, a quarter of a green apple with 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder with water in a blender or nutra-bullet. In addition we add in a liquid form of Vitamin D and Calcium into our shakes. This is a super healthy way to start your day with great vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Lunch and dinner always includes salads, veggies and a protein food (fish, chicken, tofu, turkey). When we do any cosmetic procedures, we are strong believers in how diet affects the healing process. Lack of protein and poor nutrition will lead to break down of tissues in the healing phase. We go over diet very seriously with all our patients prior to any cosmetic surgical procedures and always encourage a high protein diet especially for our, breast lifts and reductions, tummy tuck and body lift procedures and even face and neck lifts that require all those building blocks from protein to heal the large surface area created by surgery. For our liposuction patients, Lauri, who has degree in nutrition, will discuss diet and lifestyle changes to help patients lose weight and maintain their surgical results. Lauri will do the same with our CoolSculpting patients, while non-surgical, also need to understand that without changing diet and exercise no procedure will get the desired results. Visit our website: www.DrDeanKane.com  or call our office at 410-602-3322 for additional information.      
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