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How can I fix Restylane gone wrong?

  Dr. Dean Kane Q & A  shutterstock_14403772 Q. I recently noticed that my cheeks lacked volume and my face was looking a little droopy. Anyway, a doctor recommended I have Restylane in my cheeks. He placed two syringes in the apples of my cheeks. I only noticed after he placed the filler that I needed the volume along the cheekbone for lift, not in the apples. Now my midface looks heavy and I look much older. I had his done about four months ago. Is there anything I can do to speed it up? A. The art of injectables is based on talent, skill and a sense of balance, youthfulness, well-being and canvas upon which the artist uses his “paintbrush”. ​ ​Just as the placement of filler is an art, so is the use of the enzyme, hyaluronidase, used to dissolve the filler; or the reassessment of your facial balance and harmony with the addition of other options such as fillers in other areas or different layers and depth, use of Botox and similar injectable muscle relaxers, skin firming with Sculptra or rejuvenation with ZO Obagi Skin Health and peels or laser. ​ ​Please seek the evaluation of a talented, artsy well experienced Plastic Surgeon who will examine you properly and offer more of a recommendation than simply total removal of the injected filler. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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