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Facelift, necklift, both, chin implant, or fillers?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A  Q. I am 40 years old and had braces in my 30’s to correct an overbite, which collapsed my face, creating deep nasolabial folds, marionnette lines and a double chin. (They originally recommended jaw surgery, but it was $30K and not covered by insurance). I am really bothered by the turkey neck and marionette lines. My dermatologist recommended fillers, but I’m thinking surgery. If I pull my neck backwards and my cheeks upward, I get the look I want. A. ​Thanks for sharing your photos! Based on your concerns, A combination of Face and Neck Lift and fillers may achieve your goals. Unfortunately, the photos don’t tell all, particularly banding of the platysma of the neck and your dentition. Consult with a Board Certified, well versed Plastic Surgeon or Facial ENT. Other specialties and cosmetic physicians as you have discovered will only offer you what they know and not what is necessarily the best for you. ​ Please consider: ​Lipocontouring of the lower cheek, jowls, jawline and neck ​Facelift with SMASplasty and neck suspension ​Fat grafting to the upper cheek and chin (or you may use filler) ​Platysmaplasty of the neck if you have banding. ​ ​You can always reconsider more filler or chin implant (since you have deferred jaw surgery) once the tissues have softened and settled. ​I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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