Earlobes sewn to face after facelift/neck surgery. Surgeon states “nothing can be done”. Seeking other opinions.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. 14 weeks ago I had a platysmaplasty/facelift in South Florida by 20-year board certified plastic surgeon to fix prominent vertical neck bands. Happy with my neck, I didn’t expect to see my unattached earlobes repositioned and sewn to my face. At my 2-months visit, I reported painful popping/pulling of ears, swelling, numbness, restricted jawline and neck, making it dangerous when driving. Unhappy with my ear changes, my doctor suggested I was unappreciative of being made “pretty.” Need a new doctor. A. ​Thanks for sharing your photos. Based on these pictures, I would say your face and neck lift look wonderful but I am sorry for your disappointment. ​ ​During the facelift incision many nuances are performed in and around the ears to reduce the stigma of facelifts ​like pixie earlobe or a wind swept pull done decades ago. Regarding the scars around the ears and earlobe positioning, Tricks of the trade may include:
  1. ​a “W” scar along the sideburn
  2. ​over or behind the tragus incision along the front of the ear
  3. ​a notch at the junction of the tragus and earlobe
  4. ​earlobe reduction
  5. ​inset of the earlobe with a cleft or separation to allow the earlobe to hang
  6. ​incision falling inside the posterior ear fold with a 3 point suspension to reduce the drift of the scar
  7. ​high posterior transition incision to the neck hairline
  8. ​a irregular or “W” incision along the hairline.
​It appears most of these details were performed. ​ ​It is possible that in time as the scars remodel and soften, a more “hanging” earlobe will form. Added weight to the earlobe in the form of a heavier earring may assist in stretching the lobe below the inset of the earlobe. ​ ​Patience is prime until the scars are fully healed (soft, redness gone, smooth without lumps). You may consider a revision but you may yet achieve your desires with time. Seek the recommendations of a well experienced Plastic Surgeon who performs revisions for your best outcome. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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