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Dr. Dean Kane’s Tensegrity Tower

25 years ago, a quarter century younger Dean Kane spent the night at the “Museum” (the Inner Harbor Science Museum) with Erica and Alex, his kids. The kids came away with hands on fossil printing and astronomy, Dean woke up with a backache and a fascination with Kenneth Snelson’s “Easy Landing”. This floating skeleton of stainless steel tubes compressed to maintain their appearance by tension aircraft cables has erupted to Deans next level of creativity. Named “Tensegrity” as a fusion of tension and integrity by he and Richard Buckminster Fuller of geodesic dome fame, this structural art is now the basis for NASA sending payloads to the Mars surface using bouncing icosidodecahedron balls and accuators.  For more, click here.

To see Dean’s Tensegrity Tower you’ll find it behind his house among other kinetic lawn art.

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