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Dr. Dean Kane Q&A – Does Ultrasonic liposuction or i-lipo work for me?

3Womensmall Q. Does Ultrasonic liposuction or i-lipo work for me? I’m my bmi is 20 and all I want is to flatten out my lower abs, cause despite good exercising 8 hours a week, and eating less then 1500 calories a day, I cant lose it, and I saw a good deal for this type of lipo, but does it work? A.  Dear “Liposuction” candidate: Thanks for sharing your photo and medical history. This helps and indicates how well you take care of yourself. Despite your best intentions, fat will store in genetically or metabolically specific areas. For you, this is the lower tummy.  Fat storage may also be associated with certain medication usage or  a “starvation syndrome”. Without a “hands on” consultation and evaluation, it is hard to make recommendations. The 2 types of fat contouring you have inquired about are at 2 ends of a spectrum of options. Ultrasonic liposuction is an invasive technique which may not be in your best interest. i-Lipo is non-invasive and may not perform for you. In the middle is “laser” lipo, traditional tumescent lipocontouring and other newer techniques are in the pipeline. It is best to find a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who provides non-invasive, minimally invasive and surgical options so his recommendations is not biased to just one option!   I hope this is helpful. All the best! Dean Kane, MD, FACS
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