Dr. Dean Kane, Plastic Surgeon, Expertly Combines Injectables and Chemical Peeling to Attain a Complete Non-Surgical Upper Face Lift and Eye Rejuvenation for his Maryland Patients

For the rejuvenation of the upper face, Dr. Dean Kane’s goal is to use injectables and chemical peels to refresh the eyes, brows and upper cheeks by not only plumping the wrinkles but using the TCA Peel to smooth and peel away old layers of fine lines and crepe skin.  Using fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm Ultra, Restylane and Perlane, Dr. Kane focuses on trying to provide his Maryland patients with a more prominent upper cheek to rejuvenate the entire eye area. He achieves a triple effect by filling in the upper cheek and lower eyelids at the same time. The filler in the upper cheek elevates the nasal folds which gives the face a more triangular appearance that is associated with a more youthful appearance. During the procedure, Dr. Kane artfully places the filler within the hollows of the eyes, camouflaging the lower lid bags and puffiness blending the lower eye socket into the upper cheek. Patients who complain of the demarcation lines are happy to see this junction smoothed out between the lower lids and the upper cheek.

For patients focused on the heavy hooding of the upper eyelids and brow or the wrinkles surrounding the eyes between the eyebrows and crows feet, Dr. Kane expertly uses Botox Cosmetic or Dysport to elevate the brows into a beautiful arched position and minimize and smooth the deep furrows of the brow and crows feet.  For patients with more severe upper eyelid hooding, Dr. Kane injects the filler Radiesse underneath the eyebrows to make the brows more pronounced which reduces the eyelid hooding even more dramatically. Patients love their more open eye and welcoming appearance.

The final topping to completing the Liquid Facelift, Dr. Kane often incorporates a chemical peel called TCA in which he strategically applies around the eyes, mouth, or entire face to dramatically reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crepe skin to get an overall tightening of the face. This TCA chemical peel causes the outer layer of the skin to peel away in 5 days leaving the skin smooth and silky revealing a new layer of glowing skin. This is the icing of the cake and gives Dr. Kane’s patients a completely refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Kane’s results of his non-surgical liquid facelift can be seen on his website: www.DrDeanKane.com  as well as his wonderful special pricing for these procedures during the August month. People are welcome to email: Lauri@DrDeanKane.com or call the office (410) 602-3322 to ask any specific questions or make an appointment.

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