Dr. Dean Kane Maryland Plastic Surgeon Donates His Own Art Creation To Hadasah Charity

Dr. Dean Kane is not only a talented, board certified plastic surgeon but a gifted artist as well. He has channeled this passion into philanthropic efforts to benefit many organizations such as The Red Devils and The Susan G. Komen Foundation. His most recent philanthropic endeavor supports the Annual Lynn Kotz Event to benefit Hadassah of Greater Baltimore.. This year they honor Stephanie and Maddie Levine.

For each event, Dr. Kane designs and sculpts beautiful artwork that highlights the organization’s mission. He donates his pieces for fundraising efforts of each organization and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the cause. Maddie Levine has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 28 years. While she receives infusion treatments and physical therapy to combat her progressive problems with balance, walking and fatigue, Maddie actively pursues her passions at “full throttle.” She was told she would spend her life confined to a wheelchair but she was determined to beat the odds. Today she is an accomplished golfer and photographer. Her daughter Stephanie Levine was born with Cerebral Palsy and has spent her life in a wheelchair. She finds endless joy in helping others and has discovered a newfound passion, art. To honor  these strong women, Dr. Kane has created multi-dimensional pieces that incorporate Stephanie’s artwork and a picture of her and Maddie.  He will also donate a variety of his other works in Silent Auction during the event on January 28th at the Woodholme County Club.   Dr Kane’s s work is whimsical, edgy, refreshing…pop art with a twist; a twist of compassion. See his works at www.deankaneart.com PURPLE-FLOWER1
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