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Dr. Dean Kane Answers Questions Regarding Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Q: I need help deciding on RF or laser for vaginal rejuvenation post menopause. Which have the best results?

After an oopherectomy in 2010, I have vaginal atrophy- thin skin, deflated labia majora, and reduced clitoral sensitivity. Considering ThermiVa, Viveve, DiVa or Votiva. Which have the best results for my issues? Does ThermiVa generate as much collagen as the lasers or Viveve? Is there a higher risk for scarring with laser versus RF? For the treatment of the vulva, do the clitoris and urethral opening need protecting from the RF or Laser device? Thanks!

A: There are so many factors to consider that a Consultation by a Board Certified Aesthetic Gynecologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with vaginal and peri-vaginal, hormonal, minimally invasive and surgical expertise are required. Having said that, RF energy provides increased circulation to the vagina and labia and in many patients improvements in sensation, function and enjoyment. Laser focused devices injure the lining of the vagina stimulating a healing response. The FDA notes concerns regarding the over use of such devices and without proper evaluation, maybe harmful. Lubrication and systemic or local hormonal assistance in the proper patients will still be required. The result is not from the device but the most experienced and educated opinion. I hope this is helpful.


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