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Dr. Dean Kane Answers Questions Regarding Facial Skin Laxity Following Facial Bone Reduction

Q: 34 years old with saggy eyelid and cheeks. Are there any more permanent options than fillers or Botox at my age?

I am 34 years old. I had upper and lower jaw surgery four years ago, which reduced the size of my face (by a few milimeters only!). As you can see, I have excessive skin around my face that is now hanging. I would like something more permanent than fillers or Botox. People usually think I am almost ten years younger than I am, but if you look closer you see I am aging beyond my age. What are reasonable options for my age or skin? Thank you in advance.

A: Thanks for sharing your photos. They are helpful and they illustrate the concerns you have for skin and soft tissue laxity following a volume reduction of the facial boney skeleton. Like a clothes hanger that has been reduced in size, the overlying clothing will droop. Consider:

  • Additional volume (filler) to the cheeks, like shoulder pads on the hanger may help.
  • Shrinking the clothes to fit the smaller hanger is also a option; particularly in a younger patient with greater collagen and elasticity.  
  • Suspending the clothing higher than the hanger with suspension threads.

Please consider:

  1. Consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who’s focus is on non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical options to compare for your needs.
  2. Start a retinoid skin care program to stimulate skin cell turnover and collagen production with associated skin tightening and skin preparation for laser or chemical peel skin tightening
  3. Sculptra injectable to stimulate skin and soft tissue collagen tightening.
  4. Radiesse, a bone-like filler along the upper edge of the medial, middle and lateral cheek to raise the soft tissues
  5. ThermiTite, a radio-frequency skin tightening option
  6.  PDO or Silhouette suspension Thread Facelift of the skin and soft-tissues with associated collagen tightening
  7. While you are younger than the usual facelift candidate,  I do believe a face and neck lift may provide for you the best face skin and soft tissue redraping and longest lasting results.

I hope this helps. All the best!

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