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Dr. Dean Kane Answers Questions Regarding Facelift Options for a 23 Year Old

Q: Would a mini face lift be right for the excess skin and fat on my lower cheeks and jaw line?

I have some extra fat/skin on my lower cheeks. It really covers up my jawline and makes my face look like it’s drooping. Do you think mini face-lift would solve this issue, or would you recommend something else? I’m 23.

A: Thanks for sharing your photos. While they are limited, they do show the concerns you have regarding mild early laxity and fulness in the lower face.

I do believe that minimally invasive options may be best for you including:

  1. Micro-lipo-contouring of the lower face, jowls, jawline and upper neck for definition and better contour.
  2. Fat grafting or filler injection of the medial and lateral cheek to fill and lift the skin and return volume to your mid-face.
  3. Skin tightening with ThermiTite
  4. Thread lift using PDO, EuroThreads or Silhouette Suspension threads to elevate the corner of the mouth, cheeks and jowls

Non-surgical options will be useful to maintain these results including retinoids, Sculptra and chemical peels.

Please seek consultation form a Board Certified, experienced and highly skilled Plastic Surgeon with non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical expertise.

All the best!

https://drdeankane.com/galleries/neck-lift-with-liposuction-suspension/,https://drdeankane.com/eurothread/#, https://drdeankane.com/dermal-fillers-with-dr-dean-kane-in-baltimore-maryland/#,

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