Does the massage technique immediately following CoolScupting make a difference?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I just had CoolSculpting on my arms and abs. The tech did all of the massaging afterward except the very last section which the doctor did. The doctor showed the tech how she was doing it wrong. The tech was firm, but not extreme. The doctor insisted it had to be very hard, “torture” was her word and did so on the last section of my abs. Will there be a different result in that section which is quite a lot more swollen than the rest today? I had the procedure yesterday. A. Fat cells under the skin are susceptible to the cooling profile performed by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting machine. It is estimated that up to 20% of the fat cells injured by this method will undergo a genetic death (called apoptosis), resorb and be eliminated. ​ ​Upon rewarming the near frozen subcutaneous fat bulge, some genetically resuscitated cells’ membranes may remain fragile and thereby offer an opportunity for further fat reduction with the physical injury of deep massage. Zeltiq considers another 5% of fat cells may be lost with this activity. While it is not studied, it would be anticipated that more sessions of massage or deeper intensity of massage may injure other vulnerable cells in the area treated. ​ ​I also believe that continue massage (if you can tolerate it) will produce a low response of inflammation and therefore collagen formation / tightening or assist in shrinking skin which we observe (although never guaranteed) in some areas of CoolSculpting. ​ ​I hope this answer is helpful. Discuss further with your CS physician. All the best!
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