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Does any doctor perform CoolSculpting on breasts?

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Q. Does any doctor perform CoolSculpting on breasts? I have some asymmetry in my breasts that I would like to address and googled to see if this was an option because i’m looking for the least invasive way. It said it is used for this but I cannot find any doctors that actually perform it. Also how precise can this technique be?

A. Thanks for this question! The answer depends on whether you are desirous to reduce male breast size or female breast size.

The use of CoolSculpting (CS) for male breast reduction is an off-label but effective way to reduce fat tissues of the male breast. Some caveats:

  • any breast tenderness, milk production, nipple inversion or tumor must be evaluated before the use of CS
  • multiple sessions including the underarm breast roll may be required for your optimal results.
  • any residual breast parenchyma (breast gland tissue) will not be reduced with CS and may leave a more dense, firm, irregularity and possibly greater ptosis (sagging)

The use of CS for the female breast is currently contra-indicated until further studied.
​A similar appliance for breast enlargement called BRAVA is used with a suction device to hypertrophy (enlarge) breast tissue and increase blood supply BUT cannot be considered comparable to the added cooling and fat reduction with CS.
If and when such a CS applicator were made available, the same concerns regarding non-surgical male breast reduction must be considered. I am not aware of any cysts or calcifications in normal fat treated by CS which has been a major concern in the medical legal aspects of surgery of the female breasts.
You may wish to consider liposuction contouring of the female breast but this too will increase the density, irregularity, firmness and possible ptosis of the breast.

I recommend you consult with a very experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to consider what is best for you. I wish you the best!

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