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Do I need a facelift?

Dr. Dean Kane  Q & A TwI5XKR8_4eJTGP-FDOxQcf_63yoC5jsdI1_roHr7r4 Q. Do I need a facelift? I had a right back lower molar removed a few years ago. I had a really bad infection and later had a implant done to replace the tooth. I notice now that the right side of my face is sagging and I have slight jowls. What do you suggest? Please advise. A. Thanks for sharing your photo but this is not enough for a proper consultation. ​ ​Volume loss, particularly with tooth loss and bone resorption does change facial appearance. The one tooth you have lost and replaced would not alone create such changes. I would imagine that if you compare photos from prior years you will find natural variations between one side of your face and the other. While symmetry is desired, it is rare to find. ​ ​Based on the limited photo you have provided and the many non-surgical and minimally invasive options now available, I do not anticipate facelift surgery to be recommended. Fillers and skin tightening options may be your best bet. ​ ​Please arrange consultation with a Board Certified, well experienced Plastic Surgeon or Facial ENT who provide surgery and non-surgery alternatives for your best evaluation and recommendations. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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