Cryolipolysis and daily anti-inflammatory supplements such as fish oil/curcumin/CoQ10?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. Since cryolipolysis ultimately depends on inflammation for dead adipocyte removal, will taking anti-inflammatory supplements such as fish oil, curcumin, CoQ10, vitamin C as a daily regiment hinder the elimination process and slow down or otherwise reduce the efficacy of the treatment? I have seen at least one such warning online, however it is referring to medications, not supplements. A. This is a very intuitive question! ​ ​There are 2 mechanisms which seem to work with the use of CoolSculpting styled cryolipolysis.
  1. ​apoptosis: activation of the gene to self destruct and resorb (no inflammation occurs); yet the natural inflammatory cells in the area are signaled by the dying cell to remove its debris.
  2. ​swelling, induration, redness, heat: the classic signals found at the beginning of a inflammatory process which produces collagen or scar formation.
​ ​In the last 30 years, the understanding of pro- and anti- inflammatory, cells, signals and molecules and their complex interactions is just being uncovered. The supplements you have mentioned such as fish oil, curcumin, CoQ10, vitamin C and so many medications, dietary /nutritional, environmental, health, genetic and other factors also add to this complexity. ​ ​Consider that every substance that your body absorbs or creates as a by-product has some positive or negative effect(s) and you will recognize it is not just one category or factor that modifies the body’s inflammatory response. While it is intuitive to reduce anti-inflammatories to improve the effects of cryolipolysis, there are no studies proving these effects. ​ ​No single factor has a single effect but more of a “ying” which produces a “yang” in its wake. It is the overall balance which yields the result. ​ ​I best recommend a low calorie, nutritionally dense diet to include all minerals and vitamins in non-processed foods and liquids. Then re-add your supplements as you need or desire them. ​ ​Please discuss with your Board Certified, Cryolipolysis Specialist physician. All the best!
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