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What is the cheapest facelift surgery in North Carolina?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Facelifts shutterstock_57824869

Q. What is the cheapest facelift surgery in North Carolina? Do any of the places have payment plans? A. This is a fair, but complicated question. Like cars, they have 4 wheels but their makers have differing quality.  All facelifts may have skin elevation and soft-tissue/fat repositioning but the surgeon and their techniques vary considerable; and therefore the cost. Primary considerations are:
  1. what you have, and
  2. what you need to enhance.
I recommend a Board Certified, well experienced Plastic Surgeon to review your options. Consider:
  1. skin laxity and skin excess
  2. amount of jowling, neck fat and neck bands
  3. atrophy or volume loss of the cheeks and mid-face
  4. incision sites
  5. adjunctive procedures such as browlift, upper and lower eyelid lift and cheek and lip filler
  6. and more.
In the Baltimore area there is advertising for the mini-, MACS-, mid- and facelift; face and neck lift with and without platysmaplasty. There are those that use lasers or chemical peels. The variation is endless, so proper examination and discussion of your budget and recovery time enter the equation. Most Plastic Surgeons have some form of financing or consider your bank or home equity. In our area, $6,000 to $15,000 appears to be the range. I hope this is helpful! All the best!  
This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.
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