How can a surgeon tell if Botox for masseter will help?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Botox

Q. How can a surgeon tell if Botox for masseter will make a jaw slimmer, more feminine, and more attractive? I would like to avoid permanent jaw reduction surgery since no surgeons specialize in this in any city I’m close to on the east coast. A. Botox weakens and with continued use will atrophy or reduce the volume (and therefore strength) of the muscle fibers it is injected into. If you clench your teeth and the width of your jaw widens, it is the mass of the masseter that is contracting and widening. It is this area of the masseter when injected that will lose strength and in time lose width. If this does not happen and you wish to slim your jawline width, you should consult with a Board Certified OMFS (Oral MaxiloFacial Surgeon) or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon / ENT who routinely and expertly performs this jaw reduction surgery. ​ ​Another alternative may be to widen the maxilla / cheek bone with filler to rebalance the face, elevating the widest aspect of the face from the jaw to the cheeks. Again, choose the Board Certified Surgeon with the greatest talent and sense of facial harmony and the skills to provide evaluation and performance of the results you want. All the best!  
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