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How Can I get better symmetry of my facial features? Or Can I get my face to be symmetrical?

When patients come to see Dr. Dean Kane, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore who is an expert injector, so many men and women have concerns that their faces are not equal or symmetric on both sides of their faces. They are generally focused that their cheeks are not equally proportion or their lips are thin on one side, but not the other. Men are concerned with their jawlines that it is not projected enough. Both men and women are concerned that their eyebrows are not the same height or arched the same. Most patients are looking for a non-surgical rejuvenation of their faces to correct for these asymmetries
Dr. Kane recognizes his patients concerns and relies on Injectables such as Restylane and  Radiesse fillers as well as Botox, Jeuveau (the #Newtox) and Dysport as neuro-modulators for the brows. Being an expert in surgical face and neck lift surgery for over 30 years, he has a strong understanding of the anatomy of the face. This surgical experience is what makes him an exception expert injector for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.
Dr. Kane takes in-depth time to examine and evaluate his patient’s asymmetry to determine the best use of the fillers and neuro-modulators to help achieve his patient’s symmetry. He also explains to his patients that everyone is born with structure asymmetries and injectables will help mask and camouflage the asymmetry they won’t correct them 100%. 
Dr. Kane uses the dermal fillers in the cheeks and jawlines to build out and plump the areas that look deficient compared to the opposite side. Restylane is used in the cheeks while Radiesse is used along the boney area of the jawline.  To gain better symmetry of the eyebrows, Dr. Kane makes his patients move the muscles of the eyebrows up, down and squeezed together so that he can determine just where to inject the Botox, Dysport and NewTox to rebalance the muscles so that they work in a more symmetric movement. He tries to give his patients a beautiful arched eyebrows (a non-surgical brow lift), stop the angry ‘11’ s wrinkles between the brows and soften the crows feet as well as horizontal lines across the forehead. 

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