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Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Using Botox for A Slimmer Jawline

Q: Would Botox help me achieve a slimmer jawline? I’m considering getting Masseter Botox. I don’t have an issue with TMJ but I do want to achieve a slimmer jawline. My goal is a slimmer face with more symmetrical features, so I’m thinking I may need Botox to even out other features ad well. Would I be a good candidate?

A: Thanks for sharing your photo. It is helpful and confirms your thoughts.

  • If you clench your teeth, the width of your jawline increases due to masseter contraction, then botox maybe helpful.
  • Based on this one photo, I believe you would achieve your goals better with micro-lipo-suction contouring of the lower cheek, jowl and jawline and fat grafting to the upper cheek.
  • Combining ThermiTight with the above will add greater skin tightening as well.
  • Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a wide breadth of minimally invasive and surgical experience.

All the best!

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