Blood work normal before facelift. How could this happen when alt was normal one week prior to surgery?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Facelift

Q. Alt went from 26 to 60 before and after facelift surgery. Waiting three months to see if it will come back down.

A. The human body is miraculous in it’s reserve and ability to cope with “stresses”. The ALT is a enzyme in the liver that spills into the bloodstream when the liver itself has been overstressed. This can happen with many “stressors” including: surgical anesthesia, tylenol, ethanol / wine, physical exertion, viruses and many others. If allowed to rest, the liver will recover and should return to its normal reading. 

You should review the changes with your Primary Care Physician or GI-hepatologist.

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