I had 20 units of Botox but it didn’t work. How much more do I need? I’m thinking 30-40.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Botox

Q. After 20 units my face unchanged. I don’t have deep lines but my face looks like an accordion when I raise my eyebrows. I am 47 and a white male.

A. Thanks for your concern. Without a in-person exam, it is difficult to determine the problem or the goals.

Based on your description, first time males wishing to elevate the brows, reduce forehead furrows and improve the lateral brow lines and crow’s feet use 50 to 60 units of Botox.

Botox injection require the understanding of anatomy and dynamics of the underlying muscles to relax and balance the forces pulling on the skin. More Botox in the wrong place will certainly not work. You need a talented and skilled Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to make the right diagnosis and treatment.

All the best!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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