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Is it better to get little bouts of lyft/cheek filler or more?

Q. I am in love with cheek fillers, I love lyft. I am younger- so I like subtle and dont need too much, but I keep hearing how women should go for a full syringe per cheek versus the way I do it- split a syringe and do 1/2 per cheek- I do this every six months. Which would look better and what would make it last longer? I also hear getting small doses helps it last longer versus full correction initially? So, whats the right answer get more filler or half? Thanks. shutterstock_80557357 A. There is no right answer. It is determined when the patient is happy with the results of the volume, technique, facial balance or line reduction, type of filler, cost, duration, swelling and bruising or other side-effect and so many other factors. In general, I recommend no more than one to 1.5 cc of filler per cheek every 3 weeks until they are satisfied with the volume, shape and projection. This allows the prior filler session to settle and the following session to improve upon a prior concerns. There are many times a full cc of filler can improve upon minor issues initially or following prior filler. Hyaluronic acid fillers maintain their volume by attracting water molecules to the HA molecule. As the natural skin enzyme hyaluronidase breaks down the filler, the projection maintains itself until the last month or 2 of duration when (like an alkaline battery) it all of a sudden starts to disappear. For this reason, a re-fill with smaller amounts of HA filler may maintain your appearance longer by “re-charging” the hydrophyllic attraction of water in the area of prior HA injection. Each patient is different. I am happy to hear this seems to work for you. All the best!  
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