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Acne, Oily Skin, Brown Pigmentation and Red Acne Scarring

Acne Skin Care Before and AfterUnfortunately,  acne and oily skin go hand and hand as it’s the oils on top of the skin that smothers the bacteria into the pores causing small mini infections called a pimple. The clogged pores continue to brew with bacteria growing and growing until the skin is appropriate exfoliated and the pores are opened allowing the pimple to release its infected contents. But pimples  left on the face for extended time can leave brown marks as well as red angry scarring.

Dual type of treatments are necessary to help with stubborn acne. A home care of ZO Skin Health Products by Dr. Zein Obagi are a must in which a daily use of oil control and exfoliating skin products are used on a daily basis. Acne unfortunately is very effected by the continual release of hormones and requires daily use of skin products to combat the bombardment of these hormones. Teenagers get acne the worst due to this outpouring of hormones in their early development which can last into their 20’s. If teenage acne is not taken care of early, the acne scarring becomes a problem for life. 

We offer an acne boot camp that consists of the home skin care program with Dr. Obagi’s skin products, as well as in office treatments with Blu Light Therapy, glycolic and salalcytic peels, and HydraFacials that offer incredible cleansing of the face. The key behind all these treatments is to control the oil on the face as well as keeping the skin exfoliating every day to keep the pores from clogging.  For teenagers who don’t want to do a lot of home care we have simple solutions such as using glycolic/salicylic pads that they can carry in their back packs and use throughout the day or after sport activities. Get Clearer Skin with Dr. Dean Kane

For acne scarring, MicroNeedling with PRP truly helps stimulate the collage and elastin under the scarring to plump out the skin. In addition, strong TCA Peels are also incredibly important to help tighten and reduce the pores of the face that reduces the scarring effect.  The patient below has been actively treated for both her active acne as well as her acne scarring with the combination of ZO Skin Health Products and both MicroNeedling with PRP and TCA Peels. You can see very dramatic improvement in her skin.

Acne Scar Treatments Before and After

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