Would Botox in the forehead still allow me to have some forehead expression lines when I raise my eyebrows?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & AForehead, eye wrinkles Q. Is it possible to get Botox in the forehead and still have expression lines when I raise my eyebrows. I heard Botox works for migraines, and I also want to prevent fine lines but I still want to be able to raise my eyebrows, and show facial expressions. A. ​The art and science of Botox use is dependent on the:
  1. ​micro-muscle relaxation of this medication,
  2. ​knowledge of anatomy, expression balance and skin lines / wrinkling,
  3. ​talent and skill of the injector.
There are 5 general areas of muscle activity of the forehead:
  1. ​pulling the medial brows down: glabella
  2. ​pulling the middle forehead and nose up: procerus
  3. ​pulling the lateral brow and forehead up: frontalis
  4. ​pulling the lateral brow and crow’s feet: lateral orbicularis
  5. ​pulling the middle brow in and down: superior orbicularis
Unlike muscles which attach to bone and only pull in one direction due to a joint, muscles of the face are interweaved and can pull on the skin in multiple directions. This is how we show expression and wrinkle the skin. ​ ​Artful injection technique will allow you to raise your eyebrows and reduce, rebalance or stop motion elsewhere. The “trade-off” is that the skin will crease along the lateral forehead but filler injection will resist and fill the crease lines. ​ ​Please consider a Board Certified, well experienced and artful Plastic Surgeon for this type of injectibles. ​ Botox is one treatment option for tension and migraine headaches. If your injector also happens to be a Board Certified Neurologist, Plastic Surgeon or ENT, current in headache diagnosis,  he or she may also examine you for headache and determine if Botox is the right approach. ​ ​I hope this has been helpful! All the best!
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