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Which filler (Sculptra, Radiesse, Voluma, etc.) for jawline?

Dr. Dean Kane Fillers Q & A.

shutterstock_85596703Q. I decided to get Sculptra treatments to create a more angled, masculine jawline as sort of very, preliminary ‘try out’ before thinking of jaw augmentation down the line. While the volume and width are very good after seven months and three treatments, is there any other filler (short of augmentation) that may more of a sharp, angled contour to the haw as opposed to a slight of amount of a bloat from Scupltra? Would I have to wait until the current Sculptra effect dissipates?

A. ​The use of Sculptra as a trial is a good idea particularly if injected under the dermis and along the bone as it will stimulate firming of the skin and growth of the bone.​

​During the next few months as the effects of Sculptra continue to stimulate and improve, Radiesse may provide the sharper, more angled contour you are looking for.

Any one of these fillers can be used BUT as notice, they will not provide the same effect.

​For this reason, it is best to be evaluated by a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT facial surgeon to examine and review your concerns.

​Considerations along the jawline include:

  1. ​Skin,soft tissue and fatty laxity creating an uneven jawline with jowling and / or weak angle.
  2. ​Lack of teeth causing the bony jaw to resorb providing less projection
  3. ​Angle of the jaw and balance of the jaw, maxilla-zygoma and temple regions
  4. Level of placement, action and projection from each filler
  5. Duration of each filler before your investment dissolves
  6. And other considerations

Each injectors skill levels and understanding of anatomy is different. Consider different opinions.

​All the best!

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