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What will help my saggy neck?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_11707543 Q. What will help my saggy neck? Will Restylane help with mouth and lines on the side of mouth and neck? A. ​Skin excess in the jowl, jawline and neck are due to the downward wave of skin laxity from the face. I believe you would do best with a face and neck lift including SMASplasty and platysmaplasty. ​ ​Yes, Restylane and like fillers will help with lines around the mouth. Sculptra will assist in firming the facial skin and neck. Sculptra like all injectables are very injector dependent based on talent and skill. Choose carefully! ​ ​Your photos are only partially helpful so a consultation with a well versed, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is best to examine you and provide his / her best recommendation for you. ​ ​All the best!
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