What Makes Dr. Dean Kane Different? – His version of a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Dean Kane Q. What Makes Dr. Dean Kane and The Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa different?

A. I learned tummy tucks much the same way as most plastic surgeons today perform them. It was in my patients best interest to receive a new body contour more than simply a flat tummy. Combining reconstructive techniques, the underlying principles of scarring, healing and blood supply to keep the tissues living, my tummy tuck provides added value to the patient so they heal effortlessly, with no “dog-ears” on the sides, an “hour glass” waistline and no visible belly button scar.  Many of these techniques I created myself following the passion to make a better surgery. Schedule your consultation today at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, Baltimore, MD 21208 call 410-602-3322 or email: Lauri@DrDeanKane.com
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