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What is the main difference between CoolSculpt Mini and Kybella?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A  Q. What is the main difference between CoolSculpt Mini and Kybella? A. Many options for enhancing the appearance of a “Double Chin” and / or “Turkey neck” under the jawline and neck are available. These include: 1. Surgical procedures: a. “mini” lipo-contouring b. Facial lipo-contouring (of the lower cheeks, jowl, jawline, double chin and neck) and neck suspension c. Facial lipo-contouring and neck muscle lift (platysmaplasty) with or without neck suspension d. Smart (laser) liposuction e. Direct excision, ie. surgical incision with visual removal of the fat   2. Non-Surgical procedure: a. Fat freezing using the CoolSculpting Cool-Mini applicator for under the chin and small fat bulges   3. And, now, a Minimally Invasive procedure: a. Injecting a drug called Kybella. While the alternatives are expanding for results in neck enhancement (as with other procedures) you should expect a far smaller improvement with non-surgical and minimally invasive options as you would from surgical procedures. Kybella is a deoxycholic acid (a non-animal derived bile acid produced in the gastro-intestinal tract to breakdown ingested fat). It is injected into the subcutaneous fat for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness seen under the chin in adults. Once injected, Kybella physically disrupts the cell membrane, causing the destruction of fat cells. Kybella requires a minimum of 2 sessions of injections to achieve its best results. “Cool-Mini” is the newest applicator in the line-up of CoolSculpting options specifically created for smaller areas such as the fat under the chin. It may also be used for non-surgical fat reduction in other small areas, such as the upper inner thigh, upper breast / armpit fat and equally smaller fat bulges. In this non-surgical alternative, like CoolSculpting, the fat is cooled to a temperature where it genetically breaks itself down. It may need 2 sessions to provide optimal improvement of a “Double Chin”. When improvement of the muscle bands and loose skin (Turkey Neck) become an issue, these minimally invasive and non-surgical options will not provide adequate tightening and lift. For these enhancements, a platysmaplasty, neck suspension and / or redraping and removal of excess skin are surgically necessary. ​ ​There are pro’s and con’s and limitations to each option. Like any cosmetic medical desire, consult with a fully trained and well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to examine you and review with you the options and best recommendations for your need.
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