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What is the difference between TruSculpt, Liposonix and CoolSculpting?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. thinkingI have gotten different recommendations at different consultations. For fat reduction of the same area, some told me to do Liposonix, and some told me to do CoolSculpting. Also, when I was doing some research on the internet I read about TruSculpting, which seems to be something quite similar. So I’m just confused. What is the difference between TruSculpt, Liposonix and CoolSculpting? Which one is more cost effective, and which one gives results more quickly? A. Over 35 years ago, a surgical option became available to reduce localized areas of fat in the superficial layer just under the skin. This became known as Tumescent Liposuction. As well experienced surgeons became better at contouring and smoothening the curves of the body, the technique advanced from “spot” liposuction to LipoContouring or LipoSculpture. These techniques are dependent on the skill and talent of the surgeon using a “to and fro” arm motion with a suction cannula. Technology added “power” behind the hand-engine with ultrasound, radiofrequency, laser and water jets in the cannula. ​ Over 10 years ago, similar technologies using ultrasound, microwaves, radiofrequency and lasers were created to heat the fat without burning the skin. Most of these have failed to provide a reliable and reproducible results. ​ ​Most recently, CoolSculpting, identified and created by a team of scientists and Dermatologists developed a non-surgical option to reduce “spot” fat once again in a reliable and reproducible method freezing the fat cells without injuring the skin. ​ CoolSculpting, TruSculpt and Liposonix are all different ways to reduce superficial fat thickness without surgery. Both TruSculpt, using radiofrequency and Liposonix, using high frequency ultrasound deliver heat to destroy the fat cells; again without reliability. CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to nearly freeze the fat, killing and permanently reducing the fat cells. ​ In our practice, many patients turn to CoolSculpting for the most reliable, consistent and effective method of permanently reducing fat. If you have smaller bulges, a series of CoolSculpting sessions will provide up to 20% reduction of the fat which fits into the CS applicator. If you wish a single session where up to 90% of the fat under the skin is removed, contoured and smoothened, traditional tumescent LipoContouring is recommended. Please obtain consultation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who provides both options so you will receive your best recommendations. I wish you the best!
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