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What can I do about these results after Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_69138034 Q. I had Botox done on August 11 & on August 20. I woke up with my left eye almost closed. I contacted my doctor immediately and she indicated that apparently some of the Botox had migrated to my eye. I was out of town at the time and she called in a prescription which I picked up and started using immediately. It was Alaphagan 0.1% twice a day. I leave to go out of the country on September 6 and am worried sick that my eye won’t lift. A. Thanks for sharing and so sorry for your trouble. ​ ​Injectables such as Botox are both an art and a science. The depth of injection and the site of injection to achieve particular elevation, arch or rebalancing of the forehead, eyebrows and other facial areas takes skill and talent and a understanding of the dynamics of facial animation and expression. ​ ​Migration of any liquid injected is always a concern. In your case, the Botox migrated onto a eyelid muscle causing its relaxation. Until the very limited amount of this Botox activity “wears off”, your eyelid will stay drooped. ​ ​There are options to help:
  1. ​Your injector offered you a prescription to stimulate eyelid elevation with an eyedrop such as Mydfrin.
  2. ​Exercising the eyelid by holding the right eyelid down and trying to elevate the left, ptotic eyelid will increase the brains stimulation to overcome the Botox effect by creating more synaptic signals to the muscle.
  3. ​since your eyelid is not fully functional yet, you may need artificial tears with any sense of dry eye.
​ Seek the advice of your Injector or a Board Certified Oculoplastics or Ophthalmologist. ​ ​I hope you get better soon. All the best!
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