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Is it usual that skin needs to be lifted again after face and neck lift?

shutterstock_1391962 Question from Fort Lauderdale, FL I had a face and neck lift by a very well know Dr. who is very respected. But i noticed right after surgery the skin under my neck had folds. Now 7 months later slight jowl and neck skin loose. The PS said he will redo the facelift only lifting skin with full incisions around ears again. I am still numb and concerned this will cause more numbness. I am waiting for a full year before surgery.   Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore Answers It sounds like you have a very responsible and caring face lift surgeon. While recurring laxity of the skin following a face and neck lift does not require a revision often, each one of us is unique and there are occasions when the surgeon wishes the best for his patient even though skin laxity is not treated by a face and neck lift. ​ ​Let me explain. If you pull your bedspread up to the headboard and trim the excess bedspread, the spread will be “redraped” and look tighter. The fabric of the bedspread did not change and will loosen or become lax due to it’s prior “wear and tear”. The aging skin is much the same and a face and neck lift will redrape the skin but not change its texture or elasticity. ​ ​As the swelling and healing progress, the firmed face and neck skill will return to its prior laxity (minus the skin trimmed) and appear to have recurrently sagged. ​ ​Based on the description you have left me, I believe a revision face and neck lift will be helpful. Please recognize that the skin fabric has not changed and it will probably sag (not as much) once again. ​ ​To improve the skin fabric, rejuvenation techniques may be offered to you such as exfolliation, retinoids (vitamin A derivatives to restimulate epidermal and dermal cellular rejuvenation), lasers, lights, chemical peels and other options. ​ ​Use your resources to find the best expert in providing you these other options as well. ​ ​All the best! I hope this was helpful!   Dr. Dean Kane www.DrDeanKane.com DeanKane@DrDeanKane.com 410-602-3322  
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