I am going for a Tummy Tuck next month. I work as a critical care nurse.

shutterstock_62847412 - Copy - CopyQuestion from Ontario, ON: Is it realistic for me to believe that I am to return to work two weeks post op? Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore: The simple answer is no. Every surgeons tummy tuck is not the same and there are numerous considerations:
  1. Absorbable sutures and skin adhesives are (on average) 50% dissolved at 2 weeks.
  2. ​The scar strength from collagen formation at the incision and under the skin flap is minimal at 2 weeks.
  3. ​Your age and nutrition.
  4. Are you a care-giver for other people in your home or else where?
  5. ​How tight (ie, how much skin will be removed) and how bent over will you be for the healing process.
  6. ​Will your fascial girdle be tightened?
  7. Is there a hernia or diastasis to repair?
  8. ​Will you be adding lipo-contouring?
  9. ​Are you prepared for a complication and how will this affect your timing and recovery?
  10. ​Will your work environment include lifting, bending, pushing, pulling? How about contamination from other personnel or patients?
  11. ​and other issues to consider.
Please review your concerns with your surgeon. Stressing yourself to recover will only prolong the recovery. ​ ​All the best!
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