Thinking of having a facelift, w/limited incision, and fat transfer to help the hollow under-eye area.

Question from Austin, TX: I am over the age of 60, in good health; however, I am also considering as an alternative using fillers because I understand that if I do not like the effect I can correct it. The fat transfer may more difficult to correct. An alternative would be injections of sculptra, restylane and radiesse to achieve the same effect.

 Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore:

Much like the aging process of the rest of the face and body, under eye hollowness is a combination of skin and soft-tissue laxity, loss of volume, loss of muscle tone and changes in the boney support. A facelift per se will provide little to improve the skin laxity specifically under the eye. If there is more skin laxity than a volumizing filler (including fat) can fill, a mid-face lift and eyelid lift trimming skin excess maybe an option. ​ ​It should be pointed out that no technique, product, or procedure are equivalent in result, benefits, side-effects, risks and complication or duration. Only a caring, well experienced, broadly skilled, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will provide for you the comprehensive evaluation and treatment options for your best consideration. Obtain another consultation to assist you in your decision making process. ​ ​I hope I have been helpful. All the best! Dr. Dean Kane Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa 410-602-3322
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