I had ThermiTIGHT with a little Lipo 8 months ago, and my skin under my chin is still lumpy. Any suggestions?

Q. I had ThermiTIGHT with a little lipo 8 months ago, and my skin under my chin is still lumpy. My doctor wants to perform another thermatight because he’s not happy with the results. Is it a good idea to let him try and fix the problem by performing another ThermiTIGHT again? A. Sorry for your concerns. Without an examination I can only provide general answers. It is best to review the problems again with your surgeon or obtain a second opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial ENT who performs ThermiTIGHT skilfully. While the end results of neck contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening may be desirous, the combination of ThermiTIGHT just under the skin and lipocontouring to the fat layer under the skin and maybe deeper sub-platysmal fat will increase the amount of inflammation, swelling, collagen/scar formation, potential for fat necrosis and lumpiness, lymph node growth and unmask normal structures such as the submandibular glands. Massage, ThermiSMOOTH, saline injection and steroid injection come to mind in helping you along until the scar lumps disappear. Depending on your appearance, skin laxity, jowl and neck fullness and platysma laxity, you may desire a surgical neck lift. My concern is that a second ThermiTIGHT at this time may aggravate the inflammation and make things worse while being more difficult to perform. Best to get a valid second opinion. All the best!
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