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What is the status of Non-Surgical Face Lifting?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. What is the status of Non-Surgical Face Lifting? A. Let’s first define Surgical, Minimally Invasive and Non-surgical enhancements as there is much confusion. · Any procedure that touches or affects the skin without penetrating the surface is considered non-surgical. Examples are cream programs, non-ablative lasers, ThermiSMOOTH, CoolSculpting and microdermabrasion. · A Minimally invasive procedure is performed if a needle puncture is used to enter the skin and deliver energy, medication or a procedure. Procedures such as ablative lasers, micro-needling, injectible fillers and Botox / Dysport and most recently, ThermiTIGHT and Silhouette InstaLift. · Surgery is performed when an incision is made. The above two categories are considered “non-surgical” even though what is performed under the skin maybe as extensive or more so than having made a cut. 3 decades ago, “macro” dermabrasion, deep chemical peels (to improve skin texture and tightening) and facelifts (to suspend sagging face and neck tissues and remove skin excess) were the only options available for facial enhancement. Today, the array of options is mind-boggling and are not all performed by any one individual. For this reason, consultation(s) are required to see what best meets your needs and desires. Patients are demanding facial enhancements which are faster, cheaper and better with shorter recovery due to their demands socially and at work. Non-surgical options may not provide the best alternative for many patients but many times can tie-over the time or provide them with enough satisfaction or be in the right price-range for them to be happy with these procedures. Each year, I see better options and incorporate them into my practice for better value and at times improvements not previously able to be performed with surgery. For others, Surgery makes more sense in the long run for the overall cost and improvements compared to procedures every 3 to 6 months. To our long list of non-surgical options for face and neck lift surgery including: Dr. Obagi’s therapeutic ZO Skin Health programs, Pixel and ClearLift Lasers, chemical peels, Scultra – Botox/Dysport – filler injectibles we now add ThermiRF for skin shrinkage and tightening and soon to add Silhouette InstaLift for facial soft tissue lift. The ThermiRF system uses radio frequency to energize the skin from outside and inside to immediately shrink dermal collagen and stimulate collagen formation. · ThermiSMOOTH captures the energy released as radiowaves to gently heat the outer skin to the thermally monitored and controlled temperature required to stimulate the collagen changes need for rejuvenation. A series of 5 procedures is provided to properly stimulate the contraction and collagen production. · ThermiTIGHT is a micro-invasive technique of inserting a needle sized probe under the skin to pass the skins barrier and resistance layer to place the energy where it is most effective. Therefore, less energy in required to shrink the skin and stimulate collagen growth. While minimally invasive, there is little discomfort during the procedure and none thereafter. The Contour ThreadLift for “non-surgical” facelifting worked well in a few “hands” 10 years ago but unfortunately did not deliver the lift desired by the public. The threads themselves, could not resist the gravity and tension placed on them failing to achieve the expected face and neck lift. As with all innovations, a new product in well trained hands overcomes the limitations of the threadlift. The newest option, the Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive procedure performed on over 200,000 patients in Europe with very encouraging improvement and response. It is soon to be available from our practice. Rather than a thin single directional barbed suture, it is similarly performed through a needle puncture and local anesthetic with two-directional cones to improve the lift, repositioning and compression of tissues with sutures that encourage collagen formation and therefore greater longevity. Combining the ThermiTIGHT and ThermiSMOOTH which is now available at our practice for skin tightening and the Silhouette InstaLift for cheek, jowl and neck lifting, a true non-surgical facelift (which requires no skin excision) is born. Watch for updates on our emails for these new innovative options in the quest for non-surgical rejuvenation. I hope this helps!   This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.
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