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Should I have it sutured?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. Should I have it sutured? I just had facelift done in another country. I had inflammation on the back of my ear. The doctor said it will heal by itself, but I would like to know if I need to have it sutured. ​ A. ​Thank you for sharing your photos. With newer techniques in redraping the skin flaps following a facelift, the tension and circulation are improved with less tendency to tension and wound separation. ​ ​You photo appears to be from behind the ear where the greatest tension occurs in facelifts. While the edges are contracting, there is a ring of redness which may be due to the healing process or cellulitis. Please obtain consultation from your primary care physician or a surgeon regarding the use of antibiotics and proper wound care. Suturing the wound closed at this time would be impossible and elevation of flaps to close the wound are not recommended. ​ ​Wait for the final results of the healing process. In most cases you will be pleased but, not until there is tissue softness and pliability will the scar be ready for revision. ​ ​Good luck with this!
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