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Sculptra, yay or nay?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. My appointment is next Thursday. I’ve read SO many awful things here! Yes, I have researched, gone to two consultations and found a wonderful BCPS. I am freaking out over all the mixed information. Please help me. A. ​Yay! But only by a well experienced Sculptra injector!! ​ ​This is an advanced injection technique which produces some remarkable results but the injector must know how to work with the anatomy, dilution and limitations of this bio-stimulatory “filler”.  This is a skin “firming” injectable NOT a volumizing or projecting filler. ​ ​You may also wish to discuss the more immediate issues following injection. Depending on technique, you can count on swelling and bruising so be ready and make social arrangements accordingly. Sculptra does not provide you immediate results nor filling / projection results so you may wish to consider hyaluronic acid gel or other fillers to help you along during the first 3 months or thereafter. ​ ​Longer term concerns include maintaining your investment. Typically, after 3 sessions of Sculptra, my patients wish to return once a year to boost the collagen and structural molecule production which has so nicely firmed the skin and generated a smoother more even complexion. Options such as Dr. Obagi’s ZO Skin Health, IPL, fractionated erbium or CO2 laser, and ClearLift add a non-surgical stimulus to the injectables results. ​ Ice and head elevation, ​Arnica montana and fresh pineapple (for the enzyme bromelain) help reduce the swelling and bruising following full face and neck Sculptra injections. ​ ​I have yet to see nodule formation prior to 4 sessions of Sculptra injections. This is due to increased stimulation of collagen formation and may be tempered with diligent massage, anesthetic injection with diligent massage and dilute steroid injection into the forming lump. If you allow the nodule to grow, you may develop the issues described from decades ago. ​ ​Follow-up with your injector closely and anytime a nodular concern appears. Mostly, massage, massage, massage! ​ ​I hope this has been helpful! All the best!
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