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Sculptra over chin implant?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I had a small chin implant placed 4 years ago and while it is definitely an improvement (chin looks great from the front and quarter angles), I still would like more projection on the profile. I definitely do not want to have the surgery again for a new implant. I was told by one plastic surgeon that it’s not a good idea to inject fillers above an implant but I didn’t ask specifically about Sculptra. Would it be okay to inject Sculptra above the implant to give a little more projection? Thank you! A. ​Concerns with the placement of any foreign body under the skin is one of:
  • ​”rejection”, the object reacts immunologically with your defense system
  • ​”ejection”, while inert to the body’s defense system, the object travels out of the body
  • ​ infection, bacteria or other bacteria-like organisms typically from the skin more easily cause breakdown and abscess around the object
  • ​biofilm production, a latent infection of “sleeping” bacteria.
Since the time the chin implant has been placed, you have had none of these concerns. The implant is encapsulated in a protective scar pocket and would be relatively protected. Injection of another substance through the skin without proper anti-septic technique may carry a infection onto, into or around the chin implant. I believe this is the concern your one plastic surgeon may be alerting you too. ​ ​I believe with proper aseptic techniques, fillers, particularly those which dissolve over time would be an acceptable option if it is properly determined that this will help you achieve your desired results. ​ ​Sculptra is not the classic hyaluronic acid filler for projection and volume. It has provide my patients an excellent non-surgical firming and thickening of the dermal skin. Should you wish more projection, consider HA filler such as Voluma or Lyft. Radiesse is another consideration but it is not easily removed should infection occur. ​ ​Obtain a second opinion consultation from a talented and skillful Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. ​ ​Good luck and Happy Holidays!   This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.
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