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Pure Elation – Liposuction/Liposculpture

I write this letter to you with pure elation. I think it is extremely important that people are made aware when they change someone’s life. In this case, you have changed mine. Please note I am a person of extremely high expectation when it comes to integrity, professionalism, and artistry. I am myself a professional artist and rest my reputation on the “details”, precision, and vision of the work being performed. Great results can only be achieved, in my opinion, from someone who lives and breathes their passion. It was only one week ago today, that Dr. Dean Kane performed liposuction/liposculpture on my entire torso, arms, and inner thighs. I was highly selective when choosing Dr. Kane, as I did my research. I interviewed with some of the “top docs” in the Baltimore/Washington area. Although, I am aware that there is much talent in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry, I chose Dr. Kane mostly because my intuition said this was a doctor/man/artist who is truly passionate about his life’s work and has a true eye when it comes to beauty, balance, and authenticity. (I also study a person’s hand as a sign of artistry). In addition to Dr. Dean Kane being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I chose the practice because of the level of professionalism, warmth, support, and talent that resides within. Your staff is amazing. I commend both of you for what you have created. Now, more about me. As long as I remember, I have struggled with the shape of my body. I have always worked out, ate relatively well, and maintained a healthy outlook on body. I have never been obese and have only varied 10-15 lbs at any given point in my life. I realize that beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. and that there is a certain inherent beauty that comes from life’s experience, children and hormones that we should embrace. With that said, I was obsessed with what my mind’s eye only dreamed of as compared to my reflection in the mirror. To be totally honest, I felt like a stocky, stuffed shirt. Being very broad in the shoulders, coupled with my inherit Russian genes of holding body fat in my midsection, back and flanks – I very seldom felt womanly and delicate. Shopping was not fun for me and I can’t remember that last time I actually stood totally naked in from on my husband without the lights dimmed, me moving quickly to pose in a horizontal position, or somehow camouflaging my awkward figure. Then only one week ago, I traveled 5 hours or so to a place called “Oz”. Like Dorothy who wanted to fine her way back home, the Tin Man – a heart, the Lion – courage, and so forth (corny, I know) I have found a body that I love. Mine. I know it is just a beginning for me, and that my journey will be a continuous and loyal respect for how I treat my body- you have given me a beautiful to start again (and a curvy waist!). From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me a body I can be proud of and feel great in. You are truly an artist.

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