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Protrusion after getting masseter Botox? Is this normal?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_80557357 Q. Yesterday I got 15 units of Botox injected on both sides of my face for help with clenching and to reduce the size of the masseter. I was advised to get 25 units, but since it was my first time with Botox I got less. When I clench my teeth I am noticing that it is protruding a lot more than it used to and I wanted to know if this was normal. Before Botox I would gain a little width, but no where near this much and no where near as defined. It’s a visible strip of muscle on my face. I’m worried! A. ​​Botox has minimal diffusion and only the muscle fibers affected will relax. The masseter muscle is a robust muscle. Just as with Botox injected in the forehead, around the eyes, neck and elsewhere, a follow-up and additional Botox or touch-up may be required to achieve your optimal results. ​Give the Botox 2 weeks before returning to your injector. I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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