Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Non-surgical, Creams, Minimally Invasive ThermiVa or Surgical Vaginoplasty

Q. Wanted to know what procedure is better to have? Considering my concerns on have a younger tighter more youthful-looking vagina. I don’t wanna waste my money. I want to get my money’s worth. I’m 35 and had three vaginal births

A. We are living in an era of expanded possibilities for personal enhancement. These include: non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical options depending on where on the spectrum of help/improvement your tissues and desired results and expectation lie. 

Non-surgical creams such as estrogen may assist you for loss of lubrication, diminished sensation, beginnings of laxity. 

ThermiVa is a non-invasive procedure based on shrinking the tissues and stimulating increased circulation to the vagina and labia. In doing so, some patients will have improved continence and sensation.

Vaginoplasty and labial enhancement is the surgical end of the spectrum to repair the skin excess​, structural soft-tissues and relaxation of the pelvic floor and vaginal tube, and skin redundancy and distortion of the labia.

You can always start with less invasive options and work “up” the ladder or create a new labio-vaginal foundation and use less invasive options for maintenance. Only you and your Board Certified Gynecologist can determine which is best for you. ​ I hope this is helpful. All the best!

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