Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Jowls

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Q: Where Do Jowls Go when SMAS Muscle is Lifted and Tightened? Do they move outward or up next to the sides of the mouth and just hang? Would lifting that muscle cause the lower face to appear heavier?

A:  Jowls are the combination of skin and underlying soft tissues which have relaxed enough to hang below the jawline. Bodily tissues are truly a fibrous mesh holding together all our fat cells, glands and organs within the skin envelope. Think of a 3 dimensional cobweb or cotton candy like lattice which is filled with various compartments. As the volume and strength of the lattice changes, tissues will sag in the direction of gravity. So, yes, jowls hang.
Non-surgical options:
·         Add volume such as filler or fat to fill the lattice spaces and the cheek and volume take up more of the skin envelope to “rise”; better called fill.
·         Stimulate the skin and fibrous lattice to tighten and the volume and envelope will shrink ”wrap” into a perkier appearance.
·         Suspending the fibrous network with upward pulling sutures and you will obtain a more lifted and youthful look.

Surgical options:
·         A surgical facelift will allow the surgeon to specifically lift portions of the fibrous network I have described from under the skin including the SMAS or muscle-fibrous-aponeurotic system. It is this internal work that provides the patient with the best opportunity for lift, compression, directional pull and tightening of the underlying soft tissues. The facelift also provides removal of skin excess which non-surgical option do not.
These are only some of the non-surgical options available. Please consult with a creative, talented and skillful, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to properly evaluate and consider your best alternatives. All the best!

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