One month after Botox to lift the neck and jaw I am still having problems with smiling.

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Q. One month after Botox to lift the neck and jaw I am still having problems with smiling. How has this happened and can you get faulty Botox? As I was told in April, my treatment didn’t work due to doggy Botox and it was redone now. I can’t open my mouth as it’s very tight on one side. I look normal until I talk or smile.

A. ​So sorry this has happened to you. It appears you are not able to pull down the right lower lip. This occurs when the muscle relaxer weakens the depressor labii inferioris and possibly the depressor anguli oris (which may have been the targeted muscle) of the lower lip. This is not due to faulty Botox or a bad batch as you have received a response.

The art and science of Botox injection takes talent and skill. Knowledge of the facial muscles and the dynamic balance of the face with the use of muscle relaxer injections is crucial to achieve the desired results.

​Thankfully, this is temporary and you will soon have your smile back. If the muscle was injected directly, expect it to take about 3 months for return of function. If the Botox migrated to this muscle, the effect won’t last as long.

​If after 4 months, this continues, arrange a consultation with a neurologist to test the muscles of the lip.

​Good luck with this!

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