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My Facelift Results Met My Expectations. The Saggy Skin Is Gone!

Belinda had previously received a chemical peel to reduce the fine lines on her face; however the saggy skin on the sides of her face and neck bothered her, so she decided to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who recommended a facelift. “Prior to undergoing a facelift, I researched what a facelift will do and what it won’t do,” explained Belinda. “I was very happy with my doctor and the team when I went in for a consultation. My doctor explained to me what I could expect so there was no discrepancy between what my expectations were and what could be achieved with a facelift,” she added. A facelift is the most complete approach to treating facial wrinkles and sagging caused by aging. A facelift removes excess skin while tightening underlying tissues and muscles. “My doctor made incisions behind my ears, peeled the skin back on my cheeks and then pulled my skin up towards my ears and closed the incision. He did the same to my neck,” explained Belinda. “After a week, you couldn’t tell I had anything done other than the fact that I looked much better. It was not painful in any way and I didn’t have a huge recovery time. It did everything that I hoped for. He did a great job pulling back the saggy skin and I love it!” exclaimed Belinda.  
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