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What about losing more weight after CoolSculpting?

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding CoolSculpting

Q. Will weight loss post-CoolSculpting result in lumpy skin or unflattering results? I am over half way through my weight loss journey, so obviously my body is adjusting. There are areas of fat and skin that from my research could benefit from CoolSculpting. I still want to lose another 30 pounds, but currently my stomach, love handles, back fat, and thighs are getting more irritated from sweat and jiggling. Can I benefit from CoolSculpting again after I reach my goal?

A. CoolSculpting (CS) is tried and true in localized fat reduction. While many patients experience skin shrinkage as well is not an anticipated or expected result following CS.

Congratulations on your weight loss!! There are times we hit a wall and need a motivation to push ahead. CS has provided that for many of our patients.

The fat cells of the body seem to be genetically programed to gain or lose fat. I have found that different patients at different ages lose different areas of fat with weight loss.

I would recommend using CS for:

  1. motivation of continued weight loss in those genetically difficult areas to lose the fat
  2. complete and maintain your stable weight loss then attack those stubborn areas with CS or surgical excision (to remove both the skin and the fat)

I wish you all the best!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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