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Dr Dean Kane, Maryland Plastic Surgeon, Botox, Filler, Latisse

At the Maryland Center of Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, Latisse flies off the shelf. Dr. Dean Kane has been offering Latisse in his Baltimore Maryland Plastic Surgery Practice for over a year. The results are truly in. Latisse works to build up women’s eyelashes to be thicker, longer and darker. Dr. Kane’s entire staff uses Latisse and loves it along side his patients. Women are always looking for enhance their eyes and the Latisse does the trick. It is incredibly easy to use. Every night a woman places one drop on the tip of a very small brush and wipes it along the upper eyelids just across the edge of the eyelashes. Within 8 weeks women begin to see a difference and within 12 weeks there are dramatic thickening, darkening and longer appearing eyelashes.

Although you need to keep using the Latisse to maintain the effect, it does not have to be applied every night. Matter a fact, women feel their lashes grow too much. For maintenance Dr. Kane suggests using the Latisse only 3 times a week. While it has not been approved for the eyebrows, women have been using the Latisse in the brows and seeing a nice thicker darker appearance. Quite uniquely and wonderful news for women who have lost their facial hair during chemotherapy for breast cancer have found great success in helping them grow their eyelashes and brows. To see for yourself the wonderful results from Latisse go to www.DrDeanKane.com and visit the photo gallery of the before and after photos. Watch for the specials that Dr. Kane offers several times a year for Latisse. The cost is only $120 for the bottle which lasts 2 months when using it everyday and 3 months if only using it for maintenance.
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