Kybella To Inject Away Your Double Chin

Kybella has been FDA approved as a non-surgical options and non-invasive procedure to reduce the amount of fat by about 20% with each session; so multiple session maybe desired. Kybella produces a temporary inflammation with some swelling and bruising which achieves the skin shrinkage around the fat loss. Kybella was invented based on the lipolytic (fat dissolving) action of deoxycholate acid, a component in human bile which breaks down fat causing permanent destruction of the fat cells.

Following the initial consultation and set up, the procedure takes 15-30 minutes. You will need a 2nd and possibly more sessions to achieve your best result. While there is a series of 40 or more injections per session, the use of topical anesthetic, local anesthetic and ice will reduce any discomfort significantly.

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Swelling and bruising and significant post-session swelling is greatest following the first procedure. Thereafter, these symptoms are less.  It is currently used to target the double the fat under the jawline.

Patient selection for the correct procedure and procedure selection for the right patient are paramount in obtaining the best results. This advanced technique is a  non-surgical alternatives which require proper examination, discussion, skill and talent to reproduce for cosmetic patients. Dean Kane, MD, FACS (Board Certified in Plastic Surgery) maintains the highest standards in training and certification to provide surgical, minimally invasive and non-surgical options so each patient will receive the best opportunity for a desired and complication-free result.

Technology continues to provide newer and improved non-surgical approaches cosmetically improve the face and body. Schedule a consultation today for your Double Chin and Dr. Kane will evaluate what procedure is best for your personal situation. You can call us directly 410-602-3322 or email: