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Is Restylane better than Juvederm for lips?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_18586916 Q. Is Restylane better than Juvederm for lips? I have gotten my lips filled with Juvederm (1 full syringe) each time and it only gives me a slight difference. I want to achieve a “Kylie Jenner difference.” My question is, is Restylane better than Juvederm? And does it last longer? I have even injected one full syringe in just my top lip and although I loved the swollen look, it quickly faded to a more subtle look. I have gotten them done twice. Once 1 full syringe (Jan.) and then 1 full in just my top lip (this past June.) A. Kylie Jenner certainly has fuller, firm and pouty lips. They weren’t always that way. They change with time ​ ​Yours are different. While fillers add volume, they do not necessarily add shape. This is the art of injectables. Everyones needs are different and must be reviewed with an honest and well experienced, artful, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ENT Facial Surgeon or Dermatologist. ​ Restylane and Juvederm are similar with subtle differences in longevity and projection. Both are HA’s (hyaluronic acid gel fillers) manufactured by different companies with different techniques. Because of this and combined with your unique differences, each may work differently in you. There are HA’s of different particle sizes which add to either their projection or volumizing (fill). Discuss these with your injector. ​ ​Try each with the guidance of a responsible physician and choose which you like best. Good luck!
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