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Is Restylane a good idea for my under eye hollowness?

eyesDr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I’m 19 years old and my under eyes have looked this way since I was little. It’s very depressing and I look tired ALL of the time. Makeup just seems to make them more noticeable so I don’t bother. They became worse when I was around 16-17, when I was in high school. Would Restylane be a good under eye filler to get rid of the hollowness? A. Restylane is an option but it is best to obtain a Board Certified Plastic Surgeons evaluation to determine what is best. Please understand that at you age, you will need a parent or guardian adult with you for any examination or therapy. ​ ​There are several concerns I pick up on based on the limited photos.
  • ​You may have deep set orbital bones which do not provide the structure to hide the perceived hollowness and lower eyelid bulges.
  • ​Lower eyelid fat prominence
  • ​mild cheek soft-tissue descent
​Options include: 1. ​Fillers as you have mentioned.
  • Restylane provides a nice filling option but in many patients, Restylane, typically used in the dermal layer of the skin particularly under the eyes causes a undesired swelling or puffiness rather than a gentle, smoothening and filling effect.
  • My preference depending on the findings at examination would include:
  • Radiesse to build up the bone
  • Deeper layered Lyft or Voluma to provide better projection of the underlying tissues with a camouflaging effect to the eyelids
  1. While surgery is an option, I believe this would be premature for you without proper evaluation and considerable education regarding the alternatives, risks, limitations and complications.​I hope this is helpful. All the best to you! ​
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