Is it safe to have Botox while using tretinoin cream?

Dr. Dean Kane Botox Q & A

shutterstock_85596703Q. I use tretinon cream 0.25 but I want Botox. Is it safe to still use tretinon? Also how often should I be using it?

Skin wrinkles and lines are formed from 4 elements: epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle. Both Botox and Retin-A are a classic combination to anti-age the skin.

​Botox is a muscle relaxer to balance facial expression and reduce the traction on the overlying skin creating the wrinkle.

​Fillers are injected directly into the dermis to fill or project the wrinkle line itself.

​Retinoids including Retin-A are a wonderful anti-aging cream which stimulates exfolliation and renewal of cells and cell function of the epidermis and dermis.

​These and more options are available depending on the depth and breadth desired for rejuvenation.

​Go forth and conquer! I wish you well!

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